Enabling transformation for a greener economy

The recovery and concentration of particles of high metallurgical value, known as beneficiation, is based on relatively mature paradigms. The industry has evolved gradually over more than a century, however flotation processing rates per unit of vessel area have not increased during that period. The waste, which often requires massive tailings dams, results in excessive water consumption, and risk of a catastrophic tailings breach.

With a projected global population of nine billion by 2050, and the demand for minerals set to soon outstrip supply, the industry faces an unprecedented challenge.

This Centre aims to transform the industry through research programs focused on three stretch goals:

Energy and Water

To double energy and water productivity in the mining sector by 2030, maintaining the drive towards the ‘zero- emission mine’.

Mineral Recovery

To reduce loss of high value metals during minerals processing by 90%, increasing the concentration of recovered products used in metals refining.

New Generation

To establish a new generation of scientists and research leaders in minerals beneficiation to support the innovation needed to sustain the Australian industry.