Industry Engagement

COEMinerals members collaborate closely with the Mining Equipment, Technology and Services (METS) sector

Ensuring COEMinerals members form close and collaborative relationships with the minerals sector is a priority for the Centre

Engaging with industry partners and others ensures the Centre’s work is aligned to solving challenging problems and that Centre research and innovation is well-placed to drive transformative change in the minerals sector. It also ensures our students become leaders in their field and advocates of industry change. 

See some examples of industry engagement here: 

Technology development:

Feature — Industry engagement is fuelling technology development (FLSmidth, Jord International, CSIRO and other examples) (2023)

Research excellence:

Feature — Working collaboratively with Australia’s National Science Agency: CSIRO (2023)

Feature — Intractable problem-solving with industry / engaging with government (2023)

Meet our partnering organisations here: 


How Centre technology inventions move from prototype to industry trial stages in the COEMinerals Technology Readiness Level framework:

Feature — Mapping Centre technology on The COEMinerals TRL Framework (2023)

Hear from our members about their industry engagement experiences

The Centre enables PhD and Early Career Researchers (ECR) engagement opportunities that include community and industry engagement, site visits and tours which provide hands-on experience and create direct connections with the minerals sector. This assists members to make industry connections, spur conversations and spark new ideas that may lead to new research insights, collaborations or future career path opportunities for our Future Leaders.

PhD Sajid Hassan shared: Engaging in collaborative work with the industry enhances professional development by providing a unique opportunity to bridge theoretical knowledge with real-world applications, fostering a dynamic skill set that is both relevant and impactful in the evolving professional landscape.”

ECR Dr Nilanka Ekanayake shared:
Participating in a collaborative industry project has refined my skills as an engineer, including tasks ranging from crafting technical reports to adept project management and meeting tight deadlines! We have gained valuable insights helping to identify and address certain design issues as a result. This adds an extra layer of interest to my work. The experience of being among the few females in this equipment development field is not only encouraging, but holds significant personal value as it will help equip me for a role with industry.”

Learn more about our Future Leaders recent on-site and industry experiences in our 2023 Annual Report.