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8th September 2023

COEMinerals presented as part of the Business Hunter Energy & Resources Series, 8 Sept in Newcastle, Australia

Working closely and collaboratively with business and the wider community is at the heart of our innovation approach at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Enabling Eco-Efficient Beneficiation of Minerals (COEMinerals).

On 8 Sept 2023, our team showcased Centre research as part of the Business Hunter / Orica Energy and Resources Series’, connecting us with a wide spectrum of Newcastle and The Hunter’s business and energy resources community.

Our University of Newcastle-based PhD students Meolla Esther Yvon, Siân Parkes and Joshua Starrett did a fantastic job of sharing research highlights in rapid-fire, following an introduction to the Centre by Prof. Grant Webber.

We greatly appreciated the opportunity to share our work, and the science-based discovery driving industry innovation and helping to put Newcastle on the map’ when it comes improving minerals processing. We thank the audience for their interest and questions :)

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Chemical engineering PhD students wow the crowd at Business Hunter Energy and Resources Series event

Event overview

Considerable critical minerals inputs are required to power the new energy economy, with electric cars, wind farms, solar energy, and large-scale batteries all hungry for vast quantities of finite resources.

The Centre of Excellence in Minerals Processing (COEMinerals) is focused on recovering more minerals more sustainably. With minerals separation techniques largely unchanged in 50 years, and minerals crushing and processing demanding high energy and often high water use, COEMinerals is inventing new techniques and technologies to recover minerals more eco-efficiently’ (using less energy, less water and creating less waste). The team is also exploring how to replace many of the chemicals used in mining today with bio-inspired ingredients, and recover mineral particles from existing tailings dams.

Led from the University of Newcastle’s NIER facility, COEMinerals is an Australian research organisation working collaboratively across nine Australian universities, with the CSIRO, industry partners and others. 

Join us to hear COEMinerals Chief Investigator, Professor Grant Webber share insights on the latest technology transforming minerals processing, along with brief insights from some of the bright minds bringing these innovations to bear.

8 September 2023