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7th August 2023

Ministerial Visit - NSW Minister for Natural Resources Courtney Housssos visits COEMinerals lab in Newcastle

COEMinerals researchers did a great job of showcasing how ARC Centre of Excellence for Enabling Eco-Efficient Beneficiation of Minerals (COEMinerals) research is driving innovation and invention — that reduces water and waste during minerals processing — during a Centre visit and lab tour (on 7 August 23) at our University of Newcastle admin-base.

We thank NSW Minister for Finance & Natural Resources The Hon. Courtney Houssos for your visit and interest in our work, and for your close engagement with PhD students / members of our research team (as pictured): Margaret Ekua Amosah, Siân Parkes, Luke Crompton, Meolla Esther Yvon, Dr Joshua Sutherland and Centre Director Laureate Prof. Kevin Galvin. The team enjoyed discussing Centre research, explaining the science behind the new technologies being developed on site, as well as sharing their personal passions for making a more efficient, more-sustainable minerals sector.

Also in attendance: Vice CHancellor of the UNiversity of Newcaslte, Prof.Alex Zelinsky, alogn wtih Prof. Alan Broadfoot, Executive Director of the Newcastle Institute for Energy and Resources (NIER).

More information on the visit can be found in:

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