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12th September 2023

Media - COEMinerals' researcher Josh Starrett 2NUR FM Radio Interview on his COEMinerals / minerals separation research

Interview: 2NURFM Morning Show — Mark Rorke in the Morning with PhD student and COEMinerals’ researcher Josh Starrett


Contributing to a project for the Australian Research Council’s Centre of Excellence in Minerals Processing, PhD candidate Josh Starrett is part of a group at the University of Newcastle researching how to make minerals processing more efficient. Josh’s first research paper provides industry with science-based data to support a transition to newer technology use, against a backdrop of growing demand for finite mineral resources.

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Josh is a Chemical Engineering PhD Candidate as a part of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Enabling Eco-Efficient Beneficiation of Minerals which is home-based at the University of Newcastle.

    Summary of Josh’s research area:

    The separation of particles as a function of size (“size classification”) is important in many industrial processes, especially in minerals processing. Current technologies such as mechanical screens are significantly limited by their relatively low processing rates, especially at fine particle sizes, while hydrocyclones are known to be very inefficient. Joshua’s research has been focussed on the potential for a newer technology, the REFLUX™ Classifier, to be used for the purpose of size classification instead. Joshua’s results have demonstrated the ability to separate particles with remarkably high levels of precision over a wide range of particle sizes, whilst simultaneously being able to process particles at a higher rate than other technologies. He has published his work describing the fundamentals of controlling the size classification and is currently working on increasing processing rates and efficiencies even further.