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14th December 2022

Signature Series - Markus A. Reuter presents 'Green metals: Enabling the circular economy'

Signature Series Presentation 

by Markus A. Reuter | Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult.

Chief Expert | SMS Group GmbH

Green metals: Enabling the circular economy

System technological advances to push resource consumption and exergy dissipation to its lower limits


The precise definition and modelling of the complex metallurgical processes taking place in our reactors and supply chains is key especially for the recycling processes of non-ferrous metals. It allows a more fundamentally based prediction of the carbon and environmental footprint as well as exergy dissipation of furnaces as well as of complete plants and complete supply chains as shown in various recent publications (m.a. reuter — Google Scholar). Producing high quality materials from complex mixtures of minerals (geological) and functional materials (products) in the circular economy (CE) paradigm, requires detailed technological and thermodynamic understanding within detailed flowsheets embedded in the CE. True losses within the CE are fundamentally defined by exergy (lowering in quality of materials and energy) in addition to energy dissipation. This paper discusses various industrial examples to show the state-of-the-art of simulation-based footprinting of circular economy systems.