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24th November 2021

Sylvia Franca - Challenges for mineral technology to meet the demands of the low carbon economy RD&I Projects of the Centre for Mineral Technology – CETEM (Brazil) and cooperation opportunities

The Centre for Mineral Technology is a technological research institute of the Brazilian government (Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation) with the mission of pursuing sustainable use of Brazilian mineral resources.

In view of the global challenges of transition to a low-carbon economy, research institutes are responsible for promoting and/​or developing new technologies for the production of mineral goods for the supply of renewable energy production chains. Brazil has reserves of lithium, rare earth elements, nickel and niobium, in addition to secondary production of cobalt and other necessary inputs, but the technological challenges of the country’s productive competitiveness must be faced with investments in RD&I. CETEM is committed to generating value for mineral inputs through technological development.

It will take intensive work together with investments in technology and infrastructure to turn today’s zero-emission ambitions into reality, especially given the range of different situations between countries and their different capacities to make the necessary changes. Hence, the formation of partnerships between institutions, governments and society worldwide is important to generate gains for society and the environment.